Your Mouth is the Window to Your Health

Are you among the one in five Americans who forget to brush their teeth twice daily? Now is the best time for you to start improving your dental hygiene with the help of a dentist. As the American Dental Association explained, taking care of your oral and dental health isn’t merely to prevent cavities, but it’s to protect your general well-being as well.

What’s the Connection?

Your mouth plays host to millions of bacteria, most of them harmless. With proper oral hygiene habits like brushing and flossing, you can keep these bacteria under control. Otherwise, these bacteria may reach levels that can lead to oral infections.

Certain medications, meanwhile, tend to reduce saliva flow. Saliva is vital in washing away food particles and neutralize acids produced by the bacteria in your mouth. Having a dry mouth increases your chance of acquiring microbial invasion or overgrowth, which consequently leads to diseases.

Conditions Connected to Poor Oral Health

Several studies were able to connect poor oral health to different conditions, including cardiovascular disease. A number of studies established that inflammation and infections caused by oral bacteria are linked to clogged arteries, heart disease, and stroke.

Reducing your risk of acquiring heart diseases is as simple as maintaining your oral health with proper oral hygiene practices, coupled with regular visits to a dentist. The better you care for your mouth, the better your health will be.


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