Everyday Habits that Can Harm Your Teeth

Several times every day we end up putting our teeth into danger by doing what seems like harmless activities, but are actually damaging to our dental health. Here are some of these activities that your dentist will surely advise against.

  • Pencil/ Ball pen Chewing – Some people have developed the habit of biting and even chewing onto writing materials, often while deep in thought. Biting into these hard materials (usually with the front teeth) will put pressure on your teeth and may cause them to crack or break.
  • Smoking – Not only is smoking dangerous for your lungs but also poses a threat to your teeth. Frequent smoking dries the mouth and promotes bacterial growth.
  • Opening Things – Many use their teeth to remove price tags and loose threads, opening potato chip bags, and other inappropriate functions. Never overestimate the ability of your teeth. Opening, cutting, or breaking things with them will put extreme pressure and could lead to tooth loss.
  • Whitening – Clean, white teeth are signs of a healthy mouth, but whitening the teeth too frequently could weaken both your enamels and the gums. To be safe, every whitening procedure (even those that use home strips) must first be approved by your dentist.

Proper oral care does not stop with brushing and flossing; we need to always be mindful of our actions and how they could affect our teeth.


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