Bright Smiles: The Phenomenon of Whiter Teeth

Whether you admit it or not, the commercialization of white teeth have more than influenced individuals around the world to strive to attain those pearly whites at the expense of their diminishing bank accounts.

From Hollywood stars to top runway models to famous personalities, everybody famous will flash you one of those literal million-dollar smiles, enough to fascinate and entice you to use the same oral products they are using – or at least, the oral health products that they are endorsing for the time being.

Naturally white teeth, is it possible?

It might sound surprising but most dentists will tell you that the natural color of teeth is really slightly yellow to very light gray. This range of color, though might not appealing at first glance, is in no way a definite sign of bad oral hygiene or an underlying gum disease. On the contrary, it is entirely possible to have perfectly healthy gums and teeth even if you are sporting not-so-white teeth.

Reasons why you would want to whiten your teeth

Though there are a variety of teeth whitening products available in the market, most of them are just temporary solutions to a long-term goal of attaining a whiter, brighter smile. Furthermore, everybody should not undertake this important step on their own as there are several oral health risks involved in trying to whiten or bleach one’s teeth such as unintentionally increasing your tooth or gum sensitivity or aggravating an existing tooth problem.

The best step to take is to ask a professional, like your local dentist, in order to know more on the pros and cons of whitening your own teeth.


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