Is There a Right Time for Dental Implants?

While dental implants might be costly, the benefits of simply replacing the dying or decayed tooth far outweighs any financial disadvantages such minor surgery might bring. However, there are some individuals who opt to get their teeth fixed via root canal rather than do something as permanent as dental implants.

Root Canal vs. Dental Implant

Dental patients who are in danger of losing a tooth are usually torn between these different procedures. Although it is more than tempting to simply base your decision on the price of each procedure might cost you, learning the difference between the threm can save you from choosing the wrong procedure that will eventually lead to another minor dental surgery just to correct the previous mistake.

Root canals are usually done to repair and save the tooth from being extracted. This procedure is usually done to trauma patients in a bid to save their natural teeth. However, the health of the tooth in question should always be considered. It is not logical to do a root canal on a set of hopeless teeth. If the tooth’s crown is already weak, chances are you’ll just waste your money trying to save or repair the tooth.

When is a dental implant necessary? 

You have to keep in mind that the correct dental procedure really depends on the health of your crown. If your tooth’s core structure is still intact, a root canal is completely an acceptable procedure. If the opposite is true, or when all your tooth’s core is basically dying or gone, then you can consider already getting an implant, though you still have to keep some reservation as the possibility of infection and excessive bleeding during and after the procedure are all too real.


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