Dentures, Bridges or Implants?

A person who has a missing tooth or teeth has several choices for replacement. Dentures, bridges and implants all have advantages and disadvantages.


Dentures can be an economical option to replace missing teeth. They take some getting used to, but they are custom-made and should fit into your mouth well. However, some people do feel self-conscious while wearing them and worry that they will come loose. They are the least invasive way of replacing missing teeth.


A bridge replaces one or multiple missing teeth. Usually, they are held in place by crowns placed on teeth on either side although there are different types of bridges that may be anchored to the teeth in other ways or to only one tooth. Bridges can be comfortable and long-lasting.


Implants are a more invasive form of treatment than the above options, but they are comfortable and do not require special care beyond what you would normally do for your teeth. Although they may be more expensive than dentures or bridges, they may also last longer, and that might make them more cost-effective over the long run. An implant is also the method that best preserves the jawbone because the implant actually fuses to the bone.

By discussing options with your dentist, you can make the best choice for your individual situation and health.


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