Top 5 Most Common Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

Most people experience tooth sensitivity at one point or another. There are numerous reasons why tooth sensitivity happens, ranging from simple irregular brushing habits to more complex reasons such as periodontal diseases and the like.Read More »


Expert Dental Tips on How to Avoid Thrush

Dental thrush is an infection inside the mouth that is usually caused by candida fungus. This infection is not just limited to the mouth but it can spread to other parts of the body as well. Note that thrush can affect anyone, but it is most commonly found in babies, toddlers, and older adults. People with weak immune system are also more prone to thrush.Read More »

Maintain Your Dental Implants for a Long Time through these Steps

Those who lost a tooth or two now have little to worry about, as they can simply have them replaced through dental implants. Considered the closest you can get to healthy and natural teeth, dental implants allow you to eat, smile, talk, and laugh more confidently without worrying about your teeth.

With proper care, dental implants can last for a very long time. In fact, dental implants enjoy a high success rate among patients. Keep in mind, though, that particular habits can decrease the efficiency of your dental implants.

Natural Teeth and Implants Aren’t the Same

Though caring for your dental implants is almost the same as caring for your natural teeth, cleaning them is a different matter. Keep in mind that dental implants are made from a different material, and are attached to the surrounding bone and gums in a different way.

Have More Reasons to Smile This Summer with Help from a Great Dentist

Everyone’s always looking forward to the summer season. After all, there are lots to do now that the sun is out and school is over. There are beaches to see, places to be, and a lot of barbecues to eat. With all these exciting activities, however, your dental health might be the last thing in your mind right now.

Your Smile is Important This Summer

Of course, there are lots of things to smile about now that summer is upon everyone. For one, it’s the time for summer barbecue parties among families and friends. Summer is also the season of fairs and festivals, offering everyone a range of fun activities and wide choices of food. More importantly, the summer heat is the perfect reason for you to take a dip at the beach.