The Perfect Time to Visit Your Dentist

Most people tend to forego preventative oral care, and only think about going to their dentist when a dental problem already exists. You shouldn’t wait until you’re in intense pain before you give your dentist a call or pay them a visit, though. While you can rely on modern medicine for your dental care, it’s still much better if you avoid oral problems in the first place.

Perfect Timing

One of the biggest questions about dental visits is the timing for it. How frequently should an adult come to their dentist to ensure good oral health? The general rule of thumb is that twice a year is sufficient. You shouldn’t take it as an absolute rule, though, because ultimately, the number of times you visit your dentist will depend on your need.

Sometimes, even if you do practice good oral hygiene, there may still be problems that come up such as weak gums or bad breath. In these cases, your oral problem isn’t really due to your lack of oral care, but rather is a symptom of another illness or condition in another part of your body. Because the symptoms manifest as an oral issue, however, you go to your dentist to find solutions. This can actually prove to be very helpful because they can determine your oral care issue as a symptom of another condition (ie. gut problems), and thus refer you to make an appointment with the right doctor for it.

That said, it should be ideal for you to visit your dentist any time you notice a problem–preferably, immediately. Even when all is well, though, it’s still advisable to check in with them at least twice a year, just to make sure.


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